Engineering projects of gasification

Energo-Sistem d.o.o. constructs all types of thermo-technical, thermal power and gas plants and installations on “turnkey” basis. Energo-Sistem d.o.o. on modern way perform
– public, industrial and commercial gasification
– adaptation of gas installations and systems
– LPG installations

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GAS and LPG equipment manufacturing

Our products quality is the result of carefully selected raw materials, technology and the placement of the products themselves. The production program of Energo-Sistem d.o.o. is based on the production of equipment, parts and products for the distribution and use of natural gas.

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Design office

We are able to offer you the following designs:
• General design
• Conceptual design
• Preliminary design
• Main design
• As-built design

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Accredited Laboratory

Energo-Sistem d.o.o. has an ACREDITTATED LABORATORY that acts as a separate, independent organizational unit. The competence of the laboratory and the quality of work was confirmed by the Accreditation Body of Serbia.

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of behavior

In the goal of determining employee behavior, and their relation to the company and environment, standards of behavior are as follows:

  • Cooperation in the procedure related to the mission, vision and company policy implementation
  • Participation in the business goal determinatio
  • Ability of adapting to work in given environment
  • Open for cooperation both horizontally and vertically
  • Ethical, moral, honesty and integrity in all business areas
  • Accenting the team work
  • Supporting and development of creative clime in the company
  • Promotion and respect of environment safety and high working protection


Energo-Sistem is oriented towards development in accordance with regulations and standards in gas technique and energetic – aspires to satisfy specific requirements of the customers, own interests and social interests of the complete community – taking care of healthy, safe, cooperation and confidence workers – and also, promoting effective and efficient use of the resources of natural gas to make its contribution in the environment.


Our vision is to become a leader in the field of gas technique and energetic following the principles of constant development and quality improvement of gas equipment and facilities – promoting the rational usage of natural resources and absolute environment protection.


  • 1984 – Independent manufacturing facility for metal parts production and spare parts for industry – Nova Pazova, owner Svetomir Milinković
  • 1990 – Private Company “ENERGO-SISTEM” for foreign and internal trade and production with full responsibility Nova Pazova, production of equipment necessary for gasification in our country, highly increased number of employed, area of company deployment is constantly expanding
  • 1991 – Private Company “Energo-Sistem”; production of shut off valves is starting
  • 1992 – Private Company “Energo-sistem”; Sectors are forming: development and construction, equipment production projects, mounting of metering and reducing stations. In the same time, field work is going on and “turn key” projects are finishing. With this production, importing of gas equipment is no longer needed and “Energo-sistem” production is satisfying criterion on domestic and foreign market.
  • 1993 – Construction of “Energo-sistem” plant in the industrial zone of Nova Pazova, company is constantly expanding its infrastructure and production qualities.
  • 1994 – SH “ENERGO-SISTEM”, Company for production, consulting and engineering, internal and foreign trade with full responsibility Nova Pazova.
  • 1999 – SH “ENERGO-SISTEM”, “Company Law” and “Activity Classification Law” implementation
  • 2002 – SH “ENERGO-SISTEM”, head office change in SH “ENERGO-SISTEM” – Novi Sad, Company for production, consulting and engineering, internal and foreign trade
  • Today – SH “ENERGO-SISTEM”, head office change in SH “ENERGO-SISTEM” – Novi Sad, Company for production, consulting and engineering, internal and foreign trade