Presence of gas skids (stations) in gas pipelines is dictated by economic and security reasons. High pressure of natural gas (30-112 bar) in main pipelines assures transport from gas distribution sources. Low pressure (1-12 bar) in distribution pipelines assures safe transport of natural gas through cities and assures good exploitation.

Actually, main product of ENERGO-SISTEM d.o.o. are gas skids (stations):

– Pre-packaged factory built skids cost less than individual equipment and piping construction and installation on site
– Reduces field construction time and overall project schedule
– Complete factory test prior to shipment reduces risk
– Easy on site installation

  • MMRS – Main gas metering and regulating stations – for reduction of main gas pipeline pressure (16-50 bar) to pressure for city pipelines (6-12 bar) or distributive pipelines (1-4 bar)
  • MRS – Gas metering and regulating stations – for reduction of city gas pipeline pressure (6-12 bar) to pressure for distributive pipelines (1-4 bar) or pressure for industrial consumer (0.1–4 bar) and domestic usage (0.1 bar)
  • RS – Regulating stations – for reducing and regulating gas pressure on pipeline systems with a reduced gas pressure.

Energo-Sistem d.o.o. manufactures above mentioned stations from design to commissioning, i.e. on “turnkey” basis.

The skids are designed, manufactured and assembled in the factory, 100% hydrostatic and pneumatic tested, radiographically tested, anticorrosion protected and packaged before delivery.

The complete system includes high quality equipment for filtration, heating, pressure reduction, regulation, control and metering. Remote control and monitoring is also possible. The skids are designed according to EN and ASME regulations and customer specific requirements. On the request, the skids can be delivered in a metal cabinet.


Energo-Sistem d.o.o. on modern way also perform:

– public, industrial and commercial gasification

– adaptation of gas installations and systems

– reconstruction of heating plants

– LPG installations