Cleaning and inspection are a vital aspect of pipeline networks management and is necessary. Failure to clean and inspect pipeline at regular intervals leads to reduced efficiency, safety and may result in damages that dramatically affects the reliability of the entire network.

As part of our engineering activity, with our associates, no matter to the pipeline construction, exploitation, working conditions, access restrictions and other challenges we provide you the optimal solution from one source for:
– performing works and services of pipeline cleaning
– performing works and services of pipeline inspection with intelligent pig
– inspection of pipeline geometric characteristics
– recording the position of the pipeline with the GPS method
Inspection are carried out with the most suitable sensor technology, including: MFL (Magnetic Flux Leakage), UT (Uktrasonic Testing), EMAT (Electro-Magnetic Acoustic Transducer), EC (Eddie Current) etc.

Intelligent pigging pipeline inspection have many BENEFITS::


  • Maximizing pipeline uptime and sustaining or even increasing product throughput
  • Complying with current and upcoming safety standards and regulations
  • Manage incidents and bring incidents to a zero level
  • Environmental protection
  • Reducing maintenance costs