Ball valve

TYPE: 1450

Ball valves are durable and reliable, performing well after many cycles and sealing securely even after long periods of disuse. Application of ball valve in installation design always should consider ball valve as shut-off or sealing element with only two states, usage of this valves for flow control is not recommended.

Ball valves 1450 type presents a form of quarter-turn valve which uses a so-called a „floating ball“ to control flow through
1450 type of ball valves are produced in specific choice of diameters and CLASS 1500 / PN 250 pressure rating in full-bore and reduced bore variety of type with solely threaded connections. Choice of this valve is guided to high-pressure control installations.

Dimension: NPS 1/4″…3/4″ PO
NPS 3/8″…1″ RO
Thread type: R, NPT
Pressure class: CLASS1500 (PN250)