Safety shut-off valve


Safety shut-off valves are designed to protect gas installations from over pressure or too low pressure (or gas shortage), ie. they activated in case of increase (or decrease) of pressure in relation to the permitted value. They have protection against rupture of the membrane. They are installed in front of gas pressure regulator. From safety reasons, safety shut-off valve type:SPV-610-VP can be deactivated only manualy.

Temperature operating range: -10° ÷ +60°C.

Operating pressure: maks. 100 bar
Pressure set range:
Over pressure set range: (4 ÷ 16) bar
Low pressure set range: (0 ÷ 3) bar
Dimension: DN25 ÷ DN200
NPS 1“ ÷ 8“
Pressure class: PN63/100