Gas pressure regulator

TYPE: 245, 245-SPV

Gas pressure regulators are designed to perform two functions: reduction and regulation.
Their function is to reduce higher (input) pressure on lower (output) pressure. That value of pressure maintaines certain limit deviations from set values.
Gas pressure regulators Type 245 belong to the group of direct acting regulator (with spring). This type of regulator can be equipped with pressure shutoff valve (Type 245-SPV).
It can be installed in a horizontal or vertical position.


Type designation

Dimension Pressure class Inlet pressure Outlet pressure
245 DN 40, DN50
NPS 1 ½“, NPS 2“
PN 16
PN 25
8 bar
0,02 ÷ 0,30
Without Shut-off valve
245 -SPV With Shut-off valve
245 -SPV-V/N With Shut-off valve– High and low pressure activated shut-off valve

* SPV types can be equipped with shut-off valve activation indicator (type sufix –S)
** SPV types can be equipped with safety relief valve (type sufix –VS)